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Support Doesn't End With Your Discharge

While at the Origins of Hope treatment center, clients will receive individualized treatment for their addictions.  Our seasoned professionals develop a plan for each client that integrates various treatment methods to provide the best care possible.  Once you are ready to leave the treatment center, our support doesn’t end there.  We continue to provide services and support to help you continue your journey to recover from addiction even after you have left our treatment center.

Aftercare Planning

Before you leave our center, our treatment team will work with you to create an Aftercare Plan.  Addiction recovery is a life-long process.  Though you may be ready to leave the security of our treatment center, discharge is not the end of the journey; it is just another step along the way.  Together, we will develop a plan to best ensure your continued success. Our aftercare planning includes:

  • Assisting clients with scheduling medical/psychiatric appointments

  • Establishing sober living arrangements

  • Connecting you with local Twelve Step support groups

  • Scheduling ongoing therapy

Lifetime Support for Alumni

Though we are excited to see each of our clients move on from our 24-7 in facility care, we continue to care for their welfare.  Our client care coordinator continues to reach out to past clients on a regular basis to check on their well-being and ensure that they are still receiving any care that is needed.  Additionally, all alumni can call in and speak with a therapist if needed.  We know that addiction recovery is a life-long process that requires continued care and vigilance.  None of our alumni are alone, and can count on our continued support after they leave our facilities.  

Get Started Now

Don’t spend another day suffering with your addiction alone.  Call our professional and friendly staff at Origins of Hope and learn more about how we can help treat your addiction.  Not only do we have comfortable facilities, professional staff members, women-centered approaches, and proven treatment methods, our aftercare planning and lifetime support make us one of the best treatment centers in South Florida. Learn more today by calling or contacting us online.

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