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Case Management

Every client at Origins of Hope receives individualized care.  Not every client has the same cookie-cutter issues.  For that reason, the Case Managers at Origins of Hope coordinate the many facets of care that our clients may need.  Since we understand the importance of treating the whole person, we have a comprehensive continuum of services available to promote recovery and enable our clients to fully integrate into society as healthy, substance-free individuals.

Case Managers

The Case Managers at Origins of Hope are valued members of our professional team.  Like our other staff members, they have extensive training and experience in working with women fighting to overcome addiction.  Our Case Managers treat each of our clients with respect and dignity and are there to help make sure each of our clients receive the care they need.  They coordinate all the necessary services to support the women in our care.  

Variety of Services

Most of the women we treat have a variety of issues that need treatment and support.  Addiction is rarely a stand alone problem.  In many cases, addiction has many factors that contribute to and exacerbate the issue. Women in our care may need a variety of services that contribute to their care. The Case Managers at Origins of Hope are prepared to assist with any needed services throughout treatment in order to further support the client’s recovery.

Case management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Money Management and Budgeting

  • Food Stamp Application Assistance

  • Legal Services

  • Vocational Skills Training and Referrals

  • Sober Living Referrals

  • Off-site Child Care Referrals

  • Educational Referrals

Treatment for the Whole Person

We want the best for our clients.  Our hope is that each women we treat will be able to re-integrate fully into society and find the happiness and success they deserve.  Addiction can interfere with all components of a woman’s life.  If addiction has been the go-to answer for dealing with stress or life’s difficulties, then it can be difficult to treat as a separate condition.  This is why our Case Managers help the women we serve with all components of life from money management to educational referrals and child care.  

Speak With a Case Manager

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, call Origins of Hope today to find out more about our services.  Make an appointment to visit with one of our Case Managers to learn more about the variety of supports we have in place, and how we can help you or your loved one on the path to recovery.  Don’t spend another moment worrying alone, call Origins of Hope and find the hope you need to recover. 

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