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Does Your Insurance Cover Mental Health Treatment?

Does Your Insurance Cover Mental Health Treatment? | Florida Drug Rehab


The good news is that many insurances do cover mental health treatment, and thanks to the Mental Health Parity Act, those that do offer better coverage than in the past.  Though mental health treatment coverage has some way to go, plans under the Affordable Care Act, and many employment provided insurance plans do provide mental health treatment.  The best way to determine if your insurance plan covers mental health treatment, is to call your insurance and ask.  


Mental Health Parity Law


In 2008 the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act was passed.  It is known as the Mental Health Parity Law.  This act made it so that health insurance plans that cover mental health must cover it at the same rate as they do other medical coverage.  If you have to pay a $30 copay to see your regular doctor, then you will pay a $30 copay to see a mental health professional; they cannot charge you more.  In the past, insurance companies required authorization to see a mental health professional and capped service at a certain number of visits per year while providing far more coverage for other medical problems.  This law prevents that from occurring.  


Affordable Care Act


As part of the Affordable Care Act, plans must include mental health coverage.  If you purchased a plan available through this act, then you have mental health coverage.  Likewise most plans provided by employers have mental health coverage as well.  A Human Resource Management Survey done in 2014 showed that 87% of workplace insurance plans covered mental health services.  Though there are still insurance plans out there that don’t cover mental health services, it is likely that yours does.  


Cost of Mental Health Service


Every insurance plan is different, and mental health services will be covered according to the plan.  It is important to call your insurance to determine what deductibles, copays and coinsurance you will have to pay. You may also want to ask about pharmacy benefits.  Insurance doesn’t make services free, but hopefully it helps to make it affordable.  Not all mental health service providers will accept all types of insurance, so it is also important to determine which providers accept your insurance.  


Getting the Help You Need


Some people do not get the help they need because they are worried about the stigma of having a mental health problem, and others don’t get help because they are worried about the cost of services.  According to data compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 42.5 million adults in America have a mental health disorder.  Unfortunately, mental health disorders are quite common.  Though insurance doesn’t completely eliminate costs, it is incredibly important to seek help for mental health issues that interfere with daily life.  You are not alone, and there is affordable help available. If you don’t have insurance coverage, you may ask about payment plans.  


Origins of Hope Accepts Most Insurances


Origins of Hopes accepts most commercial insurance plans.  We also have payment plans available.  Don’t let the fear stop you from getting the help you need.  Call us today to learn about which insurances we take and to discuss a payment plan.  


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