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What is Drug Rehab Like?

Florida Drug Rehab | Women's Treatment Center

Drug rehab refers to inpatient addiction treatment programs.  These are 24 hour facilities that allow patients to live on the premises and provide meals, therapy and activities.  With 24-7 supervision, there are professional staff members available to help at all times.  Inpatient programs are the most comprehensive treatment programs available for addiction.  They allow clients to leave the stress and temptations of home and focus completely on their own health and recovery.  

Group Therapy

Group therapy has been proven to greatly benefit those struggling with addiction.  It helps them to know that they are not alone, and that there are others working through the same problems.  

Support received from group therapy sessions can encourage change.  At the same time, they receive helpful guidance and skills that allow them to make healthier choices in the future.  

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides time for patients to work with a therapist in privacy and to address individual concerns.  The amount of individual therapy will depend on the individual and circumstances.  Used in conjunction with group therapy, it is an important part of addiction recovery treatment.  

12 Steps Meetings

Programs that utilize the 12 steps have greatly helped numerous people overcome their addictions.  Many drug rehab centers offer 12 step meetings that support their clients and help them to lead a drug or alcohol free life.  Through the 12 step program, addicts make goals, keep commitments and support peers.

Reflection & Meditation

Reflection and meditation time help those struggling with addiction to ponder their lives and understand what led to their addictions.  It is difficult during regular life to find time to slow down, reflect and seek peace.  Meditation can bring clarity, peace and strength into the lives of those battling addiction.  Drug rehab programs that provide time for meditation help their clients to slow down and find peace in a busy world.

Leisure Time

Leisure time is important even in addiction recovery.  Many times the hustle and bustle of life leaves little time to focus on relaxing and enjoying life.  It is important to make time to rest and take pleasure in life.  Enjoyable activities lessen stress and help with the ability to cope through life’s struggles and disappointments.  

Group Therapy Options at Origins of Hope

At Origins of Hope, we know that our clients are struggling with different issues, and that not every person is the same.  We also understand that addiction is a complex issue and may have many underlying causes.  For these reasons we have a variety of group therapy options available to our clients.  These groups teach our clients valuable skills and give them the tools they will need in the future to abstain from drugs and alcohol.  The many groups we offer include:

  • Process Group

  • Self-esteem Group

  • Expressive Therapy Group

  • Nutrition Group

  • Yoga & Meditation Group

  • Women’s Issues Group

  • Codependency Group

  • Inner Child Group

  • Boundaries Group

  • Relationship Group

  • Sustaining Recovery Group

  • Coping Skills Group

  • Close overlayArt Recovery Group

  • Anger Management Group

  • Life Skills Group

  • Equine Therapy

  • Spirituality Group

  • Family Dynamics Group

  • Relapse Prevention

Individualized Treatment

When women come to Origins of Hope for treatment, they will receive treatment specifically targeted to their individual needs.  A case manager works with each woman to determine what services she needs and to set up a treatment schedule.  Through group therapy, individual therapy, 12 steps meetings, reflection & meditation and leisure time, our rehab program treats the entire woman.  Our wide variety of groups target the specific needs of women and help them develop the skills needed to lead a drug and alcohol free life.  In addition to groups that teach life skills and coping behaviors, our Yoga groups, art therapy and Equine therapy provide a broad outlet for them to work on their entire person.  

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