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PTSD Support Groups Near Me

PTSD Support Groups Near Me | Florida Drug Rehab Center

What is PTSD?


PTSD stands for post traumatic stress disorder.  Sometimes when a person witnesses or experiences a traumatic event, he/she develops PTSD.  Symptoms interfere with life and may appear immediately or several years later.  Some symptoms of PTSD include: intrusive memories, flashbacks, avoiding places that trigger memories, feeling hopeless or numb, persistent feelings of fear, anger, reckless behavior and difficulty sleeping.  

What is a PTSD Support Group?

A PTSD support group is a group of people that are also experiencing PTSD.  The group of people will meet regularly to talk and support one another.  These groups are often led by one person that has also experienced a trauma. It is a place where those experiencing PTSD can go to discuss day to day problems with others that understand. Most of these groups meet in person, but online support groups are also available.  It may be difficult to talk about the trauma, but sharing with the group may help.  Sometimes it also helps to hear about other people’s experiences as well.

What are the Benefits of PTSD Support Group?

Through support groups have not proven to decrease PTSD symptoms, they are valuable for many reasons, including:

  • They provide a sense of connection with other people.

  • They prove that others have gone through similar trauma.

  • They teach how to overcome day-to-day problems.

  • They help make friends with people that can understand.

  • They provide the opportunity to talk about problems.

  • They teach how to trust other people.

  • They show new perspectives from others.

Where Can I Find a Support Group Near Me?

Support groups are available across the country to help with PTSD and other mental health disorders. Your therapist may have recommendations for a support group near you. The following websites are a valuable resource for finding local support groups.

Group Therapy at Origins of Hope

Origins of Hope utilizes group therapy to help clients develop a support system, learn coping methods, and process solutions for problems.  We understand that addiction recovery is a lifelong process and provide all alumni with lifelong support.  Call today to learn about group therapy and lifetime alcholy & drug recovery support at Origins of Hope.  


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