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Rehab for Professionals

Rehab Professionals | Drug Rehab for Professionals

Addiction is a problem that affects people from all different types of backgrounds and professions.  In fact, many professionals are at an increased risk for addiction because of their stressful and demanding work responsibilities.  A study published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine in 2016 reported that 20.6% of lawyers screened positive for problematic drinking.  According to the study, lawyers drink three times as much as the general population.  Lawyers are not the only professionals with addiction problems. Many professionals of all types also struggle with addiction.  Rehab that focuses on the needs of professionals can help them overcome addiction.  

Professionals with Addiction

Though lawyers seem to have a high incidence of drinking problems, other professionals are also susceptible to addiction.  Many professionals get mired in substance abuse, including:

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Lawyers

  • Dentists

  • Teachers

  • Realtors

  • Insurance Agents

  • Business Professionals

Reasons for Addiction

Professionals are vulnerable to addiction because of their highly demanding jobs and desire to be perfect.  Pressure to be the best at what they do can cause many to seek oblivion in drugs or alcohol.  The following are some of the reasons that professionals battle addiction:

  • Pressure at Work

  • Physically Demanding Responsibilities

  • Emotionally Demanding Responsibilities

  • Long Work Hours

  • High Stress Occupations

Addiction and Your Career

Addiction causes problems in all aspects of the addict’s life, including at work.  Alcohol and drugs can impair performance.  Many people with addiction display behaviors that are likely to cause problems and put their jobs at risk.  Such behaviors include:

  • Arriving late to work.

  • Missing work.

  • Lowered performance.

  • Missing deadlines.

  • Poor decision making.

  • Poor concentration and attention.

  • Not meeting work obligations.

  • Irritability with coworkers.

  • Slovenly appearance.

  • Symptoms of withdrawal.

  • Cause accidents/injuries.

  • Sleeping at work.

  • Theft.

  • Drinking or doing drugs at work.

All of these behaviors can result in dismissal from a job.  While tardiness and missing work may just result in a lost job, poor decision making and impaired judgement can actually cause accidents that could result in serious injury or death.  Drinking or using drugs at work can be a very serious problem.  Ultimately, the current job isn’t the only thing at risk.  When poor work behaviors can also lead to the loss of a professional license, their entire career is also at risk.  

Addiction and Your License

Many professions require a license in order to practice.  Drugs and alcohol can impair judgement and put that license in jeopardy.  Substance abuse can lead to loss of license since impaired judgement can cause harm to those they treat or work with.  Medical doctors, nurses, and dentists can put their patients in peril of their life by working while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Likewise, criminal charges that result from addiction can also threaten licensure.  DUI (driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol) convictions, drug convictions, and addiction related offenses may result in revocation of professional licensing.  Examples of professionals that require licenses that can be at risk from addiction include:


  • Professional Licenses

  • Medical Licenses

  • Nursing Licenses

  • Dental Licenses  

  • Trade/Vocational Licenses

  • Business Licenses

  • Law Licenses

  • Insurance Licenses

  • Real Estate Licenses

  • Educator Licenses


Treatment for Professionals with Addiction

Fortunately, many jobs and licensing boards will allow professionals to get their jobs and licenses reinstated if they complete an addiction treatment program.  With the awareness that addiction is a disease that can and should be treated, many jobs and licensing boards are showing understanding and allowing professionals to seek the treatment they need.  Loss of a professional license is devastating since many professions such as those in medicine and the legal field require extensive schooling and are achieved at great cost.  To never practice again is desolating.  Addiction treatment can help professionals return to the careers they love and allow them to benefit society.

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Treatment for Professionals at Origins of Hope

Origins of Hope recognizes the unique characteristics of professionals that lead them to mitigate work stress by indulging in alcohol and drugs.  Our treatment plans help women develop skills to overcome stress and find a work/life balance that is more manageable.  We can work with our clients to help them successfully navigate treatment so that they can return to their careers.  Addiction doesn’t have to result in a destroyed life and forgotten dreams.  At Origins of Hope, our clients can find hope for a future where they overcome their addiction and achieve in their chosen fields.  Call Origins of Hope today to learn more about our addiction treatment program for professional women.  


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